Can Dry Basement Iowa Lift My House?2023-02-21T10:51:38-06:00

Yes, to replace or repair your foundation,  we can lift your home. The house is generally lifted if the homeowner needs to replace some (or all) of the foundation with a different material, some (or all) of the foundation needs to be rebuilt because it is failing or because they want to increase the height of their foundation to refinish a basement.

What are the benefits of having an egress window? 2023-02-16T15:26:16-06:00

With code requirements, you must have an egress window in each bedroom in the basement.  Having the egress window will insure a way for occupants to get out of the basement safely in an emergency. They allow natural light into the room and allow for a clean and healthy airflow.  Each bedroom created in the basement will also add value to the home.


Why does my foundation need to be replaced?2023-02-16T15:43:32-06:00

Your home’s foundation, basement, or crawl space needs to be replaced when it suffers severe damage,  If your home is showing any signs of bowing, sinking or sloping, these are significant indications your foundation needs expert attention from Dry Basement Iowa. Our experienced estimators will assess the integrity of your foundation and determine whether a new foundation is needed. We are licensed and trained professionals who can replace your home’s foundation from perimeter footings and stem walls, to post and pier builds.

How do I stop my foundation from moving? 2023-02-16T15:17:37-06:00

Shifting or moving foundations are caused by many factors, but the most common are inconsistent moisture levels in the soil as excess moisture in the soil causes an increase in hydrostatic pressure. As the pressure increases, it pushes against the foundation, causing movement. Dry Basement Iowa will assess the integrity of your foundation and  then install low-profile carbon foundation supports or steel beams that will stop any more foundation movement.

How do I stop water filling up my basement? 2023-02-16T15:34:07-06:00

Dry Basement Iowa has been solving basement water problems for over 10 years and we have the solutions to fix any basement flooding issues your home might be facing. Water in your basement normally comes from one of three sources : These are groundwater, interior moisture sources, and ventilation with humid air. If the source is rain or groundwater, it means that water outside has now found its way inside your basement. Having an interior drainage system installed in the basement will help direct water intrusion to the sump pump pit for discharge out of the basement.

Why do I need a sump pump?  2023-02-16T15:46:33-06:00

Having a sump pump in the basement can help keep your basement dry by reducing  the water table under the basement floor. A sump pump diverts water that accumulates in your basement. It collects water that enters your basement, and drains it to a spot away from your foundation at least five to 15 feet away to prevent flooding and damage in your home.

What’s the benefit of having a battery backup sump pump?2023-02-16T15:47:43-06:00

A sump pump evacuates water that accumulates in your basement, therefore a battery backup sump pump is recommended to insure your basement remains dry in a storm or power outage. If you lose power, the backup pump will keep moving water out. If the main pump fails or can’t keep up with  heavier water flow, the backup pump will help keep evacuating water out of the pit.

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